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"Ms. Jeniece was extremely helpful to me by providing insightful advice about the college admission process and how to prepare myself academically and personally in high school in order to attain my goals. I am so grateful for all of the time and effort she invested in me and my growth." 


NorthwesternUniversity Freshman

“Ms. Fleming is such a great mentor and role model for me. I have been to her office where she has given me and my brother advice on schooling, study habits, and life lessons. She has been very instrumental in my preparation for college and I can’t thank her enough!”

–Jherica, Purdue University Freshman

"From the day I met her, she has been someone I knew I could go to for help with scholarships, how to navigate high school, study habits, etc. She's relatable and makes you feel comfortable asking about anything. She does her best to be available for her students at all times which is why my parents and I appreciate and value her guidance." 

-Faith, IUPUI Freshman

"Ms. Fleming provided our daughter Aerial with tips to better her SAT score, assistance with locating scholarships, and took time to work on college applications with us. Ms. Fleming prides herself in making sure each and every student is successful and walks away with results. Transitioning Aerial to college was a challenging experience. However, Ms. Fleming's expertise made the process seamless. Any questions we had regarding financial aid, essay topics, and career goals -- Jeniece was readily available to help. There are many opportunities available that aren't publicized. She knows how to find them."

- Parent of Ball State University Freshman

“Jeniece is one of the most knowledgeable young women that I know. She has helped me and many others prepare for college. If not for her help with my resume, college applications, and scholarship applications, I do not think I would be in college. Jeniece has also helped explain to me in details the next steps towards my career and life goals”

– Amber, Indiana State University Sophomore

“Jeniece is an excellent listener. She also has the ability to ask questions and pull answers out of Shiloh that I could not. She made me aware of how close he is or will be to academic honors by making small changes to his academic schedule. So far the experience has been great”

– Adell, parent of a High School Sophomore

“Great information about the importance of GPA, standardize testing and community involvement when many college admissions representatives are attempting to learn about the whole student. She was very thorough and provided a wealth of information. She was patient and provided much guidance and insight”

– Cynthia, parent of a High School Junior

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